Black Dahlia Murder - Jera On Air Festival, NL - Shot for Impericon NL

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In Hell She Waits For Me by The Black Dahlia Murder

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Jordan Buckley is Decayin’ With The Boys [x]

Jordan Buckley is Decayin’ With The Boys [x]

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Kill the lights. I’ve seen too much. [x]

Kill the lights. I’ve seen too much. [x]

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Metal Vocalists > All (The lost art of lyrics)
 -Part 1
Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder

Deathmask Divine-Nocturnal
how their greenish flecks befell me
that starlit winters night
how I lost all that I ever was
while locked within their sight
before you sits a broken man
your fragile pinkish heart in hand
peculiar how it can hurt so bad
while love is only in the mind
I sew the gaping chestwork
each thread is made with love
the bosom where I would rest my face
is covered in your blood”

Necropolis - Deflorate

City that stands on a million graves
In a world full of hatred to fear enslaved
Countless the dead slaughtered in your name
Not a utter of your voice have you once repaid

No above no below just a man letting go
When all my earthly desire is disowned
No screaming sirens should sound
No revelations profound
Simply lowered into the ground
That’s just what I’ll be dead in the dirt
So blindly we walk the winds of these plagued streets
Dead the once feeling part of me


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Every Time I Die - “Decayin With The Boys” (NSFW)

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